MOAI HistoryΒΆ

The MOAI software started its life as part of the repository software for the Erasmus University Rotterdam RePub repository.

The software was built on top of pyoai, an OAI Server and Client library that was created for Erasmus University in 2003. The software was initially used for the RePub publication site.

Many of the features that MOAI supports are the direct result of the experience and excellent feedback from the Erasmus University library team.

About a year later, the Technical University Delft funded a project to refactor and repackage the OAI server code from the Erasmus repository into a standalone software package: MOAI.

During this proces, some more abstractions were added, specificly the ContentProviders story, which allows MOAI to aggregate content from different sources, including the Fedora Commons object repository. This was a key feature for the Technical University Delft.

"Moai at Tongariki", photo: Vera & Jean-Christophe. Creative Commons License

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