Installing MOAI

You can download and install MOAI from the python package index:

or grab it directly from Subversion:

Installation instructions

Checkout MOAI and go into the checkout directory:

> svn co moai
> cd moai

You can also download a tarball from the python package index, and use that.

Run the bootstrap script with a python interpreter:

> python

Setup the project, and pull in dependencies by running the buildout script:

> bin/buildout

Note that the buildout will take care of pulling in all the python dependencies, however some of those need to compile code, bacause of this the following packages need to be installed on your system:

a working c compiler
python devel package
sqlite3 devel package
libxml2 devel package
libxslt devel package

After the buildout has finished, some scripts were created in the bin folder. First we’ll run the unittests, to make sure everything is working

> ./bin/test

Also, a script ‘update_database’ has been created. This script is used to load the content into the MOAI database.

> ./bin/update_database --help

Usage: update_database [options]

  --version         show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose     print logging at info level
  -d, --debug       print traceback and quit on error
  -q, --quiet       be quiet, do not output and info
  --config=CONFIG   do not use default config profile (example)
  --date=FROM_DATE  Only update databse from a specific date

Another script ‘start_development_server’ is also available to start the OAI development Server.

To get a server running with the default example profile, issue the following commands:

> ./bin/update_database
> ./bin/start_development_server

Now you can visit the OAI feed at: