MOAI Metadata Module

The metadata module contains some OAI metadataprefix implementations.

Normally you would not need to import these classes directly, unless you want to subclass them.

When you create your own metadataprefixes, you don’t have to put them in this module, just use the ‘name’ method on the class, and the metadataprefix will automaticly be registeren under that name

class moai.metadata.OAIDC(prefix, config, db)

The standard OAI Dublin Core metadata format.

Every OAI feed should at least provide this format.

It is registered under the name ‘oai_dc’

class moai.metadata.MODS(prefix, config, db)

This is the minimods formats as defined by DARE.

It is registered as prefix ‘mods’.’

Some additional metadata prefix extensions are located in the extensions directory:

class moai.extensions.dare_didl.DIDL(prefix, config, db)
A metadata prefix implementing the DARE DIDL metadata format this format is registered under the name “didl” Note that this format re-uses oai_dc and mods formats that come with MOAI by default
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