MOAI Server Module


The Server module contains implementations of IServer and IFeedConfig.

class moai.server.Server(base_url, db)

This is the default implementation of the IServer interface.

Developers might want to subclass this, to provide custom asset handling in their implementation.

Add a feedconfig object to this server Each config will generate an OAI Feed at a seperate url.
allow_download(url, config)

Returns a boolean indicating if it is okay to download an asset or not.

By examining the url, the id of the oai record can be found, and thus the metadata can be accessed. This metadata could have settings to indicate that the asset is private and should not be downloaded

download_asset(req, url, config)
Download an asset
Returns an object implementing IFeedConfig
is_asset_url(url, config)
Returns a boolean indicating if this is a url for downloading an asset or not
class moai.server.FeedConfig(id, repository_name, base_url, log, admin_emails=[], metadata_prefixes=[, 'oai_dc'], batch_size=100, content_type=None, sets_allowed=[], sets_disallowed=[], filter_sets=[], delay=0, base_asset_path=None)

The feedconfig object contains all the settings for a specific feed. It implements the IFeedConfig interface.

get_asset_path(internal_id, asset)